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Head of Marketing

Head of Marketing


  • Salary: £50,000 (DOE)
  • Contract: Full Time
  • Applications close: 1 February 2017
  • Website:
  • Twitter: @open_desk

Posted on 4 January 2017

Head of Marketing at Opendesk

Who are Opendesk?

We’re an energetic and highly motivated team, building a new type of furniture company out of our studio in East London. We work with a network of independent designers and makers to create beautiful furniture, local to where it’s needed.

Founded on open source principles, using digital fabrication and operating as a marketplace, Opendesk connects skilled craftspeople to customers near to them, whilst working with independent designers around the world who are designing fantastic products.

In this way, Opendesk can provide design furniture that’s made locally all around the world, instead of manufactured centrally and shipped across continents. We call this new manufacturing model Open Making. It’s all about rethinking the global supply chain: replacing it with something altogether more local, social and personal.

We’ve started out with a focus on functional furniture for creative workspaces. As a global platform we’ve already provided products to hundreds of fantastic organisations around the world - from innovative startups in London to established web and technology companies in New York and San Francisco, alongside a whole host of amazing businesses spanning 20+ countries.

What is your mission at Opendesk?

Our mission is to build the world’s most equitable and distributed supply chain.

Replacing factories with faces, we’re aiming to become the leading platform for localised manufacturing and change the way products are designed and made through the power of the web, independent local craft, and digital tooling.

You can read all about our core values in our Charter - a public document which sets out the principles under which we operate, and which is subscribed to by all Opendesk-ers.

Opendesk has already been recognised in design & technology media around the world as both a leading design brand and an exciting startup that’s disrupting the furniture market. However, to date we haven’t fully developed a detailed marketing strategy - as most of our sales and brand profile has been built through word-of-mouth and organic traffic. We now need to tackle this with a view to rapidly growing our business, beginning to access new customers and further strengthening our brand.

We’re looking for an experienced digital & brand Marketing Manager to help us build a world-class marketing function. You’ll need to be able to structure a team and processes for scale, but with the hands-on, practical approach needed in an energetic startup. We’re about to undertake a significant development of the marketing function immediately and we’re looking for someone with outstanding strategic and digital marketing experience and skills.

What would I be working on?

The Head of Marketing role is a key senior role for our business, closely supporting the co-CEOs and directly reporting to them. Having traded for three years we are on course to double our revenue year-on-year. However, in order to achieve sustained growth and propel our brand and business to the next level, we still need to:

1. Validate a scalable Cost Per Acquisition for the business across multiple channels
2. Develop an effective strategic marketing plan for the long-term
3. Undertake more rigorous attribution of our leads
4. Research and develop effective keywords & SEO
5. Develop PPC and events-marketing campaigns that convert
6. Build on and strengthen our brand marketing activities
7. Work with our design and content teams and UGC from our community to make the most of our content
8. Strengthen our social media following and engagement

The strategic imperative of the role is to ensure that we substantially grow our online sales in the next 12 months - while at the same time continuing to build our community, reputation and media exposure through high-quality content marketing (which so far has generated most of our growth).

How to Apply

Please read our full job description and then fill out our short Typeform here: