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Senior Designer

Senior Designer

Studio 2br

  • Salary: Dependent on Experience
  • Contract: Full Time
  • Applications close: 6 February 2017
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Posted on 9 January 2017

Senior Designer at Studio 2br

A literate, articulate thinker with demonstrable experience in the conceptual stage of projects. (Ideas first and foremost — excellence in visual design is a given.)

Excellence in visual design. (Proven across brand identity — and everything related.)

Experienced across digital and print. (You could be creating a new identity, a website, a movie, a newspaper or an ad campaign.)

Accurate, precise, and motivated to take work through to production standard. (There’s no production department at 2br: everyone owns their projects through to delivery.)

Verbal. (We write everything we design: you’ll need to contribute.)

Happy both leading projects and collaborating. (We’re a tight knit agency, and just want to get to the best answer, no matter how.)

Interested in communicating the intangible and simplifying the complex. (We work almost exclusively for global corporates — that’s B2B. We love it, but it’s not for everyone.)

Minimum eight years experience. (And possibly more.)

Able to present yourself and your work convincingly and persuasively. (Great work’s no good if it can’t survive rounds of approvals.)

Organised, numerate and keen to build client relationships. (There are no account directors or project managers here.)

Full knowledge of pencils, markers, core Creative Cloud and MS Office applications. (You’ll need to think, design and artwork, but prepare schedules and write proposals too.)

Energy, enthusiasm, and resilience. (We work for some tough clients who expect a lot.)

How to Apply

Please send:

— a PDF portfolio of your best projects, describing your role in them. 10Mb maximum
— a covering letter describing why you want to work at 2br, what you want to achieve in the next five years of your career, the salary you’d like to earn, and your availability / notice period if appropriate
— your CV