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Creative Artworker – All levels

Creative Artworker – All levels



Posted on 16 February 2017

Creative Artworker – All levels at Curious

What do we do?
We’re Curious, nice to meet you. We’re a branding agency. It means we do the whole mix. Starting with the idea and then bringing it to life wherever it should live. This can be digital, CGI, print, indoor or outdoor, spoken or broadcast – it means there is no limit to what we can do.

Being Curious
It means we question everything. We value ideas as the highest possible currency in the world of design. We love it when people surprise us by solving problems because they looked at something differently. We feel there is no project too large (or too small) that can’t benefit from asking if there’s a better way and that single thought that can make someone smile.

Our experience
Between us we’ve had the pleasure of some fantastic agencies and brands.
Our combined experience has taken us all around the world, to the biggest and the best.
We’ve been a part of wonderful projects for brands of all shapes, sizes and flavours.
This has all led us to where we are now. An exciting time where we do all that and more, the Curious way.

We love people who love
– Attention to detail
– Passion and enthusiasm for creativity
– A can-do attitude
– Overcoming challenges
– Being proactive
– To go that bit further and make a good project, a great one
– To be ambitious
– Working with others and vice versa

Our environment
We’re about 15 people strong and based in Covent Garden.
It’s gives designers a great opportunity to learn a lot in a short space of time. As well as design itself, you’ll have exposure to strategy, contribution to briefs, meeting clients, presenting, day to day interaction with the whole company across all titles and levels and even how we cost our jobs. There are no scary people here, heads don’t roll and we don’t play the blame game. We stand together as a team, creating an environment that brings out the best in people.

How to Apply

Email us your CV and folio to: