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UI/Graphic Designer

UI/Graphic Designer



Posted on 1 April 2017

UI/Graphic Designer at YourWelcome

YourWelcome is changing the way Airbnb hosts communicate and monetise their properties by using our own tablet devices. We are looking for a designer to join our team and bring a stronger aesthetic to our output.

Salary will be between £20,000 and £30,000 per annum – depending on experience.


- Iterating and evolving the design of our Tablet App UI, Website, Customer Portal design and any Marketing design (print and digital).
- Working with the development team to implement and iterate UI changes and bug fixes
- Working with the sales team to produce content for a calendar of social updates, releases, newsletters etc.
- Ensuring a consistent brand voice across all platforms

What we're looking for:

- Demonstrable UI experience on mobile and/or web
- You should be on-the-button with current design trends (you probably have an active profile on Behance / Dribbble etc) and are fully proficient in the Adobe design suite and/or Sketch.
- Your attention to detail is unparalleled and you can spot a misaligned pixel a mile off
- You’re not scared to make your voice heard and offer suggestions and reasoning for all briefs
- Willingness to help out where you’re needed: striking the balance between deadlines and dropping everything to get a critical presentation or newsletter out is key.
- Drive for working with and supporting our clients and customers
- Eagerness to take feedback, grow and further your skills

Not essential but bonus points if you:
- have experience working with 3D design (Blender, Cinema 4D, 3DS Max etc)
- know any motion design (i.e. after effects)

Why you might be a good fit:

- Independence. Nobody will be leaning over your shoulder telling you what to do everyday, we expect you to be able to motivate yourself.
- Ability to get things done and ship. We’d love you to label all the folders and layers in your PS files but at crunch time: getting things done matters. You’ll need to pick the right balance between doing it right and doing it fast.
- You should have a good knowledge of design trends and probably already have a cross section of product design, web design, fonts etc bookmarked on sites like Behance to help create visual concepts.

Why you might not be a good fit:
- You only want to wear one hat. YourWelcome is growing but we take on the goals of much larger organizations. In practice this means that all team members end up wearing multiple hats and working on multiple facets of the business. If that excites you, great! If you are set on never venturing out of your job title, you’re going to get frustrated fast.

How to Apply

Send us your CV and/or your portfolio. We will hold interviews over the next 2 weeks and would like someone to start ASAP.


- We are based in Waterloo (just behind the Oxo Tower). This job is 5 days a week in the office (9am-6pm) – please do not apply if you are looking for remote work. It is essential you are in the office every day.
- We are NOT LOOKING FOR A RECRUITMENT COMPANY to contact us. Any recruiters (or variations on recruiters disguised as a startup looking to solve the issues of recruitment!) who email offering their services will be ignored, marked as spam and crossed off the list if we choose to use a recruitment company in the future.