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Digital Creative Copywriter

Digital Creative Copywriter



Posted on 3 October 2017

Digital Creative Copywriter at Redsofa

My client is an 11-year-old creative agency filled with digital natives and analog enthusiasts who combine to make beautiful bits and bytes. Like every 11-year-old, we’re a little cheeky, brimming with a certain kind of twisted genius, and we care deeply about the things we love. Lucky for you, that’s smart, expertly crafted digital content created at the speed of social.

We have offices in London and Los Angeles, and good friends in Finland, San Francisco, South Africa, Houston, Kosovo and New Zealand because we’re international like that.

With a passion for the unconventional and a no-fuss attitude, we take pride in delivering amazing results for amazing clients

Are you good with words? I mean, really good with words? Do you love language? Can you elicit smiles, communicate succinctly and bulls-eye messages?

Can you conceive of and generate original ideas, then articulate them with clarity? Can you get people excited by them? Are you hungry to grow and learn and be part of a team of truly talented individuals from a multitude of disciplines who share a love of cake?

We’re looking for a digital creative to join our burgeoning London team and work across a multitude of exciting clients. You’ll be part copywriter, part conceptual creative. You’ll need a good knowledge of social, display, rich interactive and mobile platforms.

You’ll be collaborative, enthusiastic, hard-working and thick-skinned. You’ll be stoical when people laugh with derision at your hair-brained ideas, and smug when clients buy them.

You’ll get rewarded with high fives, table football on tap and the odd massage for your tired and weary shoulders.

Key Requirements:
Creativity – You’re bold and original. You’re definitely not derivative. You’re constantly asking questions and pushing the digital boundaries because you know no better. You’re interested in lots of different stuff and seek to expose yourself to ‘new’ at all times.

Copywriting – This is pretty key. You need an excellent grasp of the English language. You need to be able to craft winning sentences, and they’ll need to pack a punch. You need to be able to toggle between communicating why people might need a boiler, to why they should level up their barbarian horde, because we have diverse clients. Short copy, long copy, social posts, microsite subsections, you name it. Oh, and funny missives in Birthday cards are a must.

Art Direction – You’re not an art director, it’s OK. But you definitely have a creative outlook. It would help if you could scamp, however badly. And you’re definitely interested in and have an opinion about look and feel, typography, illustration, graphic design – you name it. Pictures. How things work. User journeys. That kind of thing.

Experience – We’re looking for individuals with around four years under their belt. You’ve got some agency experience, probably freelanced a bit, maybe been a bit burnt by big sweatshops where you can’t get your work made and want to go somewhere where your idea can be crafted and in front of an audience within a week. Believe it.

And the following traits and capabilities are a must:
- You have the ability to work simultaneously on multiple accounts, within a wide range of sectors
- You’re a wizard at Word, proficient at Pages, or can at least use Notepad
- You’ve heard of PowerPoint and know it is jealous of Keynote
- You enjoy gaming, films, television box sets, music, and other examples of High Culture
- You dabble with code, fiddle with Photoshop or at the very least, you’re active on social media
- You’re enthusiastic, responsible, positive and diligent at all times, except Monday mornings
- You have an appreciation of Craft Beer

How to Apply

email : [email protected]