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Digital Art Director



Posted on 3 October 2017

Digital Art Director at Redsofa

We’re after a senior digital art director to join our award-winning team. You will be part of super-talented and crazy-creative team, working on a variety of projects, from slick ad campaigns to complex, rich interactive content.

My client is an 11-year-old creative agency filled with digital natives and analog enthusiasts who combine to make beautiful bits and bytes. Like every 11-year-old, we’re a little cheeky, brimming with a certain kind of twisted genius, and we care deeply about the things we love. Lucky for you, that’s smart, expertly crafted digital content created at the speed of social.

We have offices in London and Los Angeles, and good friends in Finland, San Francisco, South Africa, Houston, Kosovo and New Zealand because we’re international like that.

With a passion for the unconventional and a no-fuss attitude, we take pride in delivering amazing results for amazing clients.

My client is looking for a super-talented, finger-on-the-pulse, creative-thinking Art Director, who can come up with killer digital ideas for global brands on a daily basis.

You’ll likely have a design background, with experience spanning everything from social to display ads, websites to photoshoots. You’ll be thoughtful, with a great knowledge of what is achievable on existing and emerging digital formats and platforms.

You’ll be required to concept and oversee multiple projects and to be hands-on for tasks such as storyboarding and guiding feedback. You’ll need to work across various accounts with impeccable detail, working as part of a team of talented individuals who all share a passion for craft and a love of cake.

Key Requirements (you’ll need all of these):
Art Direction - You’ll be actively up to date with all the latest design trends, on and off the web. You can execute any style at the drop of a hat. If it’s digital, chances are you’ll have to create it at some point, so the ability to learn fast and have a deep understanding of everything digital isn’t just important- it’s everything you do.

Creativity - You’re bold and original. You’re constantly asking questions and pushing the digital boundaries. World class, innovative creative solutions come naturally to you and you can articulate your ideas with the rest of the creative team. You never shy away from a storyboard and scamping is something you’re either good or great at.

Design - You need to be a great designer, simple as that. It should go without saying but, type, grids, pixels, photography, motion graphics, etc, are the things that get you up in the morning, and must be the strongest points in your portfolio.

And the following traits and capabilities are a must:
- Advanced creative suite skills
- Ability to manage multiple projects and deliver to world class standards
- Exceptional eye for detail
- Militant pixel precision & typography skills
- Advanced understanding of rich interaction
- Ability to deploy your skills across all different digital channels
- Great understanding of user interaction across all digital devices and channels

How to Apply

email: [email protected]