Mid-Weight Creative Strategist

Job Added: 29 September 2020
Applications Close: 14 November 2020
Level: Mid-Weight
Contract: Full Time
Based: London
Salary: Undisclosed
Twitter: @oh_lovers

About Lovers

Lovers is a creative supergroup built to help brands sing. Our unique collective model is all about energising and inspiring bespoke dream teams around each project as we believe this makes for the best work. We operate as a small studio team, and curate teammates from our diverse, hundred-plus strong collective on a project-by-project basis, cherry picking for project chemistry, experience and skill set.

The work we do

Our work is about helping brands inspire people, expressing ideas with clarity and creative flare. This requires a dual emphasis on great ideas and great execution. Project types range from brand identity work to communication campaigns and other tactical communication design projects such as books, films, websites, signage etc. Creative strategy is core to what we do, as all of our clients come to Lovers seeking guidance, creative thought and action.

We believe it’s important to only partner with those doing great things in business and society, and only help organisations we want to see thrive. Using our collective creative power we help them win the love and support they need from audiences and inspire, inform, engage and mobilise millions of people in creative, strategic ways.

Our collective experience covers a broad range of sectors, so far including Education, (Perlego, Plymouth College of Art), Food (Dishoom, My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream), Dance (English National Ballet, Google Arts & Culture), The Environment (Greenpeace, Government of Jersey), Sex (the Museum of Sex NYC), Death (Poppy’s Funerals), Music (Green Man, Alexandra Palace) and helping young people (the NSPCC, The Scouts). Our outputs are broad too, and range from rebrands and campaigns, to TVCs and Animations. Every day at Lovers is different.

About this job

We’re looking for an articulate, collaborative Creative Strategist to join our close-knit studio team – the mini family at the heart of Lovers. This is a chance for someone to step up into a position of real creative leadership and responsibility, half ‘strategist’ (brilliant, clear thinking) half ‘creative’ or ‘art director’ (brilliant imagination, eye, ear and ability to steward creative work to greatness) and develop far beyond past experience. It’s not a purely strategic role, but very hands-on and about co-authoring creative outcomes.

Supported by our Founder & Creative Director (Alex), Head of Production (Lisa), and Creative Producer (Sam), you’ll be responsible for helping to conceive and deliver head-turning, smile-raising ideas, orchestrating Lovers teams to execute them. You’ll be driven to make ambitious, useful, emotive and memorable creative work in a range of different media. This role is about mastering the art of creative strategy (simply: ‘what shall we do?), idea-making and collaborative execution, enlisting designers, copywriters, strategists, researchers, photographers, illustrators, filmmakers, animators and others from the Lovers group.

It’s a full time role for someone with an energising personality, amazing communication skills, super-high creative and design standards, and a flare for inspiring everyone to see a creative way forward, especially clients seeking creative leadership from Lovers.

The role in more detail

You’ll share responsibility for leading and orchestrating the wider Lovers collective. Guided by Alex, it’s your job to figure out what creative solutions we will develop for our projects, helping to explain these to clients and lead their successful realisation. You’ll work closely with our Lisa and Sam for their help and experience turning ideas into reality, on time and on budget.

Our work is multidisciplinary, so you may find yourself helping to steer brand identity systems, tone of voice, campaigns, adverts, printed books, digital tools, spatial elements like signage and wayfinding, and more. Our varied projects will immerse you in diverse and fascinating subjects. Many ideas will start with you, but you’ll constantly be dreaming about which collaborators you want to enlist to help develop and execute projects with you. You’ll have the support of our experienced studio team and the unique Lovers methodology, which will help you appoint and guide collaborators successfully through projects. Team morale is something we pay very special attention to, and work hard to protect, as we believe people make their best work when they feel great.

You’ll have direct contact with clients, and will take responsibility for helping them feel super-confident in you, Lovers, and the work we’re delivering. You’ll also help curate extracurricular initiatives, including our play space, Pillow Talk, Lovers get-togethers, and experimental clothing label DreamJams. Above all, you’ll learn how to collaborate fairly and effectively – something remarkably few creative companies are focused on properly teaching.

You’ll actively help identify and win our next round of projects too, inspiring new clients to pursue bold ideas and helping existing ones take their best next steps. Your creative, strategic skills will be invited to help determine the direction of Lovers as a company, as well as the projects we work on.

Here’s a list of things that will help you do well in this role:

  • Strategic interest. Strategy or ‘what to do’ interests you, though always creative.
  • Interrogating briefs. Digesting and unpacking challenges.
  • Imagination. Ability to come up with original, creative ideas.
  • Scoping projects. Forming ideas about how you want projects to run.
  • Design & Art Direction fluency. Your native tongue, including Adobe.
  • Identifying collaborators. Figuring out who to bring on board.
  • Building proposals. Designing and writing killer presentations.
  • Communicating. Speaking and writing warmly and clearly.
  • Professionalism. Being on point, on time, on budget.
  • Cultural awareness. We’re sensitive to the world around us.
  • Presenting skills. Responsibly presenting and explaining work.
  • Positive outlook. A focus on the most ideal way forward.
  • Determination. A deep drive and work ethic to make work great.
  • Kindness. A warm, generous personality that people warm to.
  • Perceptiveness. Noticing and appreciating, more keenly than most.
  • Foresight. Thinking ahead to help projects run smoothly.
  • Pro-active Instinct. We’re often inventing and improvising.
  • Diplomacy. A knack for reconciling varied points of view in a project.
  • Bringing the best out of people. This is key to creative leadership.

Your experience

As this is a middleweight role, your past experience may skew more junior, or more middleweight. You’ve most likely been working in the creative communication industry for 2-6 years. You might currently be freelance or full time, and will have most likely worked in a design studio or creative agency or in-house creative department. It may be that you’re so far more used to a title like ‘Designer’, ‘Art Director’ or ‘Creative’. Here are some strands of experience you’ll need to have, and be ready to build on:

  • Developing compelling brand identities and communications (essential)
  • Briefing collaborators. You’ve instructed and involved people in your work before.
  • Thinking for yourself. You’re got some confidence as a self-starter.
  • Guiding work to greatness. You can usually spot what a piece of work needs next.
  • Multidisciplinary working. You’ve at least dipped your toe beyond a single discipline.
  • Developing concepts. You know how to shape an idea, from hazy to clear.
  • Pitching ideas. You know how to present ideas in a clear, compelling way.
  • Navigating feedback. You can listen carefully, negotiating the best path forwards.
  • Commissioning assets. For example; photography, illustrations, sound, film.
  • Running personal projects. You make time to follow personal creative passions.

About you

Lovers is a place for talented creative people from all backgrounds. Here are some traits you might recognise in yourself:

You’re always interested in ‘the why’, questioning what the best way of doing something is, and figuring out solutions that are clever, positive and often original. You’re curious and so you constantly look at what’s going on in the world, to build your sense of awareness – what’s going on in society, business, design and the world.

You’re motivated by a natural excitement to pursue creative projects and progress them to specialness. You have high design standards and care deeply about typography, colours, images, lighting, how things look, sound and feel, and how words resonate. You appreciate message, character, detail.

You’re a thoughtful person with a kind heart, who puts effort into collaborating fairly and intelligently with those around you. People like working with you and you enjoy trying to achieve new things, breaking new ground. You enjoy inspiring people and want it to be central to your work.

You’ve focused on creative strategy / design / art direction / communication for a while now and you’re ready to open up your working approach to become increasingly collaborative and multidisciplinary. You’d also love to help a great company grow, and learn how to help a creative business blossom. You’re ready to be challenged, and grow into a true creative leader.

How to apply

Please send a cover letter CV, portfolio showing at least 6 pieces of strong creative work you’ve led or played a strong role in – with a dual focus on ideas and execution (PDF or URL) along with details of your salary expectations to [email protected]. We’ll be looking for evidence of thoughtful, effortful creative work in your portfolio that you’ve been directly involved in making happen. Only direct applications will be considered, strictly no recruiters or agents please.

Equal Opportunities

We are an equal opportunities employer and we’re determined to ensure that no applicant or employee receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of gender, age, disability, religion, belief, sexual orientation, marital status, or race, or is disadvantaged by any conditions or requirements that cannot be shown to be justifiable.