Middleweight Copywriter

Based: London
Level: Mid-Weight
Salary: Undisclosed
Contract: Full Time
Applications Close: 13 July 2018
Twitter: @reedwords
Job Listing Added: 30 May 2018

Help us create the world’s brightest words

From naming and brand voice to poster campaigns, packaging, UX and video games, we write for clients across the world. That includes brands from almost every sector – tech, entertainment, hospitality, fashion, culture and charity. (Have a look at

Fancy joining in? Great: we’re looking for someone with around three or four years’ experience of writing for brands. You need to be brilliant, obviously. (Specifics below.) And you should also be excited about helping grow a creative business: keen to feed your own ideas and passions into the mix.

For our part, we’ll provide interesting, challenging stuff to work on, some cheerful, hard-working
colleagues, and a brilliant location in central London.

Some specifics

Creativity and craft
A love for language, and a gift for sharp, original turns of phrase and a strategic brain are obvious pre-requisites. You should be someone who cares to a near-ludicrous degree about every word you write. Someone who can’t bear even to send an email if the scansion’s off. We’re not kidding.

You’ll also have a rare balance of creative talent – able to craft a zinger of a headline, or a compelling longform argument. One day you might be coming up with naming ideas, or advertising concepts. The next (or the same) day, you might have your head down crafting a brand website or 50-page brochure.

We deliberately foster this variety. It’s fun, for one thing. And we’ve found we all work best when we have a few different projects on at once. So you’ll need to be like that too.

You’ll be someone we can rely on to pick up a brief and forge ahead. It can get busy here, so we need
someone who responds to pressure by focusing, not flapping. And you’ll have plenty of initiative: you won’t wait for an invitation to suggest ideas, either on current projects or the wider business. Being part of an enormously supportive team helps. You’ll have five other writers to call on for feedback and ideas, including Mike and our two Senior Writers, Sam and Afy.

Clients love us for more than our words. They love us because we hit deadlines, answer emails promptly, and generally behave decently. We get to work on time for 9.30am, and do our best to make sure we’re out at 5.30pm. When the pressure’s on, we work longer, but we’re not excessive burners of midnight oil.

Like us, you’ll be naturally reliable, friendly and keen to do a great job – on every count. You’ll be good at managing your own workload and double-checking your copy. (Not just for style and typos, but also for how well it answers the brief.)

We need someone inquisitive and interested. Not just in our industry, but in the whole wider world. How could a writer not be? But this is important: the more reference points the better. (We aim to build time for cultural interests and activities into the company’s schedule: we want to give our people space and opportunities to soak up a breadth of influences.)

How to Apply

The technical bits

Please email your CV, with a covering letter and three examples of your best work, to us at [email protected] by Tuesday, 13th June 2018.

Let us know roughly what salary you’re looking for, and how you see yourself fitting into the team. That fit is critical for us, so the more of a feel we get for you, the better.

Our plan is to pull together an initial shortlist, and send those people a couple of test briefs. Nothing too onerous, but enough to show us how you think and work. It’s proved an invaluable exercise in the past. Based on those tests, we’ll decide who to invite for an interview.
Over to you.