Creative Marketing Designer

Based: Remote location
Level: Director
Salary: £20,000 to £70,000
Contract: Freelance
Applications Close: 31 August 2018
Job Listing Added: 02 August 2018

Senior copywriter is looking to team up with a creative marketing designer for brainstorming and servicing clients.

Work is a mix of creative online and offline lead generation campaigns, website design and ideas for animation storyboards.

Location is not that important (we can create a virtual team) but you need to be willing to visit clients located near to you if necessary.

This is an ideal opportunity for someone looking for a start-up partner or an agency owner who would welcome a senior creative who helps to bring in business.

Higher than average long-term income potential. No speculative work.

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Nicolas Schwabach
English copywriter based in Germany and France

How to Apply

Please write to me at: [email protected]