The Beautiful Meme

Project Manager

Based: London
Level: Mid-Weight
Salary: £27,000 to £35,000
Contract: Full Time
Applications Close: 19 January 2018
Twitter: @beautifulmemes
Job Listing Added: 03 January 2018

The Beautiful Meme are looking for an experienced project manager to lead on the delivery of our brand and advertising projects. We’re a small team and you’ll have lots of responsibility. We’d need you to be confident, organised, well-connected and inventive.

You’d work with our three Creative Directors to:
- Be part of the team creating pitches to new clients.
- Prepare creative and production quotes
- Set up projects – creating delivery and billing schedules, and monitoring resources.
- Manage the day-to-day studio work flow.
- Driving the production of all projects.
- Build strong working relationships with our suppliers.
- Be our client’s day-to-day contact over email and telephone.
- Ensure our work is on time and on budget.
- Working with our Studio Manager to ensure invoices are sent and billing reports are up-to-date.
- Managing award entries.

How to Apply

Send a good email to [email protected]