Waste Creative

Digital Artist/Designer

Based: London
Level: Senior
Salary: Undisclosed
Contract: Full Time
Applications Close: 07 May 2018
Twitter: @wastecreative
Job Listing Added: 23 March 2018

A bit about what we’re after…

Waste London is looking for a super-talented Artist / Designer, who can deliver beautiful creative, primarily for Supercell and periodically for our other clients.

We are after a Photoshop and Illustrator master, someone that has a deep understanding of both at the highest level and your portfolio needs to demonstrate it. Every piece of work in your portfolio needs to look like a pixel perfect, beautifully composed piece of digital art.

In some cases you will be creating designs from scratch and in some cases you will need to work with ready-made assets of various styles. Expert understanding of lightning techniques, compositing and retouching/paint-over are also a must.

You’ll be working on multiple projects at the same time, both static and video.

A little about us:

Waste is an 11-year-old creative agency filled with digital natives and analogue enthusiasts who combine to make beautiful bits and bytes. Like every 11-year-old, we’re a little cheeky, brimming with a certain kind of twisted genius, and we care deeply about the things we love. Lucky for you, that’s smart, expertly crafted digital content created at the speed of social.

We have offices in London and Los Angeles, and good friends in Finland, San Francisco, South Africa, Houston, Kosovo and New Zealand because we’re international like that.

With a passion for the unconventional and a no-fuss attitude, we take pride in delivering amazing results for amazing clients like Supercell, British Gas, Sega, Camelot, Warner Bros. and Turner Broadcasting. But don’t take our word for it… check out our web site www.waste-creative.com.