Recruitment Company


Senior Account Manager

Based: London
Level: Senior
Salary: £45,000 to £55,000
Contract: Full Time
Applications Close: 01 December 2018
Twitter: @Mrs
Job Listing Added: 17 October 2018
An agency you would aspire to work at, projects that you would dream to get your hands on, a team flowing with all the right energy to create some of the world's recognisable brands working across multi-disciplinary platforms.

Being who they are they a never short of an exciting brief, an agency that doesn’t have bread and butter projects and what they would class as ‘bread and butter’ is still unreal.

Working with leading telecoms, sports, fashion, hospitality, arts, leisure and publishing brands producing a whole raft of amazing work from rolling out entire brands, from initial naming, to logo development, literature, to signage, interiors to websites and film, campaigns to great window graphics, publishing to shoots too.

On the lookout for London’s best Account Manager, that is Client Facing, able to Project/Production Manage, needless to say be super organised, creatively driven, ability to work on the Designers side as appose to the Clients, a conceptual thinker, team player, ready to push the boundaries, ability to work under pressure whilst upholding excellence.

On a day to day basis you could be carrying out a variety of tasks set out from brand research, to brand guardianship, copywriting, client management nationally and internationally, natural grasp to develop business, running presentation, workshops with clients, project and production management, budgeting, managing the financials including invoicing, briefing in design team and running internal meetings paired with scheduling.

This is a progressive team so you can get your hands on almost anything and everything leaving you always on your toes and never having one day similar to the next!

The ideal candidate will have had first-hand experience working for a leading award winning design Agency, ideally from a branding and design background with a love for craft and detail.

How to Apply

If you are up to the challenge and know you have the experience that will win them over please get in touch and send your CV to [email protected]