Fist of Fury

Mid-Weight Copywriter

Based: London
Level: Mid-Weight
Salary: £25,000 to £40,000
Contract: Full Time
Applications Close: 13 November 2018
Twitter: @oneinchtweets
Job Listing Added: 23 October 2018

Oh hi! Remember us?

We’re recruiting and are looking for a conceptual copywriter and all-round master wordsmith.

So what about you then, you word-loving talent? 

Well you’re a fuckin’ great writer - with an eye for detail and passion and experience in writing long and short-form copy. Honestly, we don’t necessarily care how much advertising experience you have - in fact, in many ways, we don't want a typical 'advertising writer'.

It’s more about how witty and brilliant you are at writing. You’ve likely got some creative agency experience though. Awards? Ace! A longing to work in a growing creative shop full of absolute characters?


Perhaps you have a blog? Perhaps you write scripts or contribute articles towards other publications in your spare time? Perhaps you don't do any of this? In which case, ask yourself how much you actually love your craft before applying.

Perhaps you’re a culture nut, with piles of experience in writing for brands/branded content?

Either way, you’ve got STACKS of energy and a formidable sense of humour. You want to work at a creative agency based in The Ministry of Sound's new co-working space and members' club - where you can have banter at the same time as work hard and make great work alongside a team that’s genuinely got your back.

You know there’s more to doing this job than just rushing it through the studio and ticking some boxes. You care about your tradecraft and really want to make useful, notable creative.

How to Apply

So if this sounds like you, email us something interesting via [email protected], using the subject “I remember the summer of 75.”