New Projects

Middleweight / Senior Graphic Designer

Based: Brighton and surrounding area
Level: Director, Senior, Mid-Weight
Salary: Undisclosed
Contract: Part Time, Freelance
Applications Close: 25 November 2018
Job Listing Added: 29 October 2018

New Graphic Design Practice looking for part-time Partner/s

I’m looking for part-time Graphic Designers who are interested in starting a design studio that is based on flexible working. I’m a Senior Graphic Designer and also the mother of a one year old and because of childcare commitments I now work part-time. I’m interested in meeting other people in a similar position who I can collaborate with, with the aim of setting up a small creative practice where we can produce amazing work whilst supporting each other.

I work with a range of clients in the arts, cultural, educational, charitable and corporate sectors. I have a conceptual and research driven approach that is guided by experimentation and bold expression. I design: visual identities, marketing materials, publications, websites, brand campaigns, exhibitions and signage.

How to Apply

If this is something you would like to find out more about then please send me a CV and brief portfolio to [email protected] and I can send you a little more information about myself and what I’m proposing.