The Writer

Traffic Manager

Based: London
Level: Mid-Weight, Junior
Salary: £25,000 to £30,000
Contract: Full Time
Applications Close: 01 December 2018
Twitter: @TheWriter
Job Listing Added: 02 November 2018

You’ll make sure The Writer is running like clockwork when it comes to planning in work. Ultimately, it’s your responsibility to have the right people to do the work (writing, consultancy and training) that our clients brief in. You’ll do all this and make sure that we’re as productive and profitable as possible.

Like everyone at The Writer, you’ll…
- be interested in language
- contribute to a happy team
- have ideas
- care about quality
- be commercially savvy.

And then there’s the stuff that’s specific to your role.

1. You’ll be brilliant organising everyone’s time

You’ll do this by:
- understanding how we work, which people and teams are best for certain projects and how much time is needed on each job
- planning all work requests without overloading our creative people
- managing the daily workflow, trafficking work in and out of The Writer to meet all deadlines
- being the guardian of the online traffic flow system, keeping it accurate and up-to-date
- planning ahead and telling us when we might need extra people (freelance and permanent)
- making sure we have holiday cover so we can carry on without a hitch
- being involved in planning big projects which are outside our normal day-to-day work
- being flexible enough to be able to reprioritise things at short notice
- being a problem-solver: spot it, and sort it (not just report it)

2. You’ll help The Writer work smarter

You’ll do this by…
- making sure we’re using people’s time smartly and prioritising the right jobs
- reviewing existing processes, suggesting and implementing new ones
- running regular reports to check we’re using our creative time in the best and most profitable ways
- only using freelancers when essential
- working with the project management and business development teams to have an overview of the work coming in over the next few months, and reporting to the leadership team what that means for our resourcing and recruitment
- being accountable for our monthly freelance budget, not overspending on it, and flagging any potential issues to the head of production in good time
- helping us strike the right balance between client work and internal things like writing for us and people management.
- Understanding when to prioritise projects or client work, making sure the project manager knows if they need to manage the client’s expectations.

3. You’ll keep on top of things

You’ll do this by:
- keeping an eye on all current projects and making sure we’re not overrunning (or making sure we know well in advance if there’s a risk we might overrun)
- running weekly scheduling meetings so everyone knows what they’re doing and by when
- making sure there’s a signed scope of work before booking in the work
- making sure we’ve got a list of all our tried and tested freelancers, and know when they’re available
- working with the project managers to keep a detailed log of hours worked by freelancers
- being cool as a cucumber under pressure.

How to Apply

Up for it? Send us your resume and, a blurb covering a bit about you and, your interest for The Writer. Contact: [email protected]