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Creative Director

Job Added: 12 November 2018
Applications Close: 27 December 2018
Level: Director, Senior
Contract: Full Time
Based: Remote; HQ in London
Salary: 45,000 to 65,000
Website: feeld.co
Twitter: @feeldco

We are looking for a highly skilled designer to join us. You will ideally have substantial experience with numerous successful and brilliantly executed projects behind you. Your aesthetic sense and confident understanding of the balance between beauty and usability would be second to none. You will be expected to join and own the Feeld design language by creating visuals for campaigns, updating the website, expanding the brand, creating assets and contributing to product design. As a conceptual thinker with a meticulous approach to craftsmanship, you will bring expertise to the projects you take or initiate, creating and directing beautiful, mind-blowing work. You should be comfortable jumping between tools and platforms, learning new software and products on the go and creating and maintaining order in the way you create. Confidence in the digital environment is a must.

You will be working with people from different teams, particularly our communications team (events, social media, collaborations), product team (check out the Feeld app here (https://feeld.co/)) and of course — with Dimo, the current design director. You will be expected to both initiate and execute projects, be a dedicated team player, and – above all — protect the visual excellence of Feeld. Passion is a natural necessity in our small team. We all work remotely and being passionate about the work and the Feeld mission is vital.

If you're a list person, here is what we expect:

* 5yrs+ experience in the design world
* Fluent in all design software out there: Sketch, Adobe (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign), Framer, Figma
* Strong understanding of and vast experience with typography, layout & grids
* Experience with branding
* Experience with web design and CMS
* Examples of strong individual work
* Interest in technology and startups
* Comfort with change
* Experience in working remotely
* Appreciation for trends & cultural tides

Bonus points for these:

* Animation experience
* UX projects
* Coding skills
* Interest in art & culture
* Experience working in big & small teams
* Interest in decentralisation & blockchain technologies


Feeld is an independent and fully remote organisation reshaping the dialogue on dating and sexuality. The company was founded 4 years ago and has evolved since to become the transparent, flat structure it is now, run by passionate individuals. We don't believe in standard management, so we're a naturally agile and fluid culture. Some of the perks include: flexible working hours, unlimited holidays, equity options, friendly humans and more.

To find out more about us, you can see our app (https://feeld.co/), the newly launched journal project we initiated and support at http://maljournal.com/ or visit us at an event we host (https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/feeld-15810068169).

How to apply

Fill out our the short application form here: feeld.typeform.com/to/ZOcBD1