Front-End Developer (React experience)

Based: Paris
Level: Senior, Mid-Weight
Salary: £50,000 to £60,000
Contract: Full Time
Applications Close: 16 January 2019
Twitter: @StratumnHQ
Job Listing Added: 17 December 2018

Front-end developer
We’re looking for a full-time Front-End Developer to work on a range of projects. We’re interested in a person with diverse skills, experiences and interests, who is as committed to crafting the details as they are in engaging with the big questions.

About Stratumn

Our main product, Trace, combines advance cryptography, Proof of Process and the blockchain. Trace is an inter-business software solution – a new, exciting and complex area of digital product development. We work in cross-functional agile teams, where team members are empowered to self-organise and contribute widely in an ever-evolving environment.

Your work ethic
- A user-first approach
- Driven by both long and short term goals
- Openness to advice and opinions from others
- Honesty, humility, patience and empathy for users, clients and colleagues alike
- Readiness to learn and improve

Your skills & experience
- Experience building responsive UIs which accommodate for display size, input methods, connection speeds, and other variables.
- Professional experience writing CSS, with a demonstrable ability to write plain CSS without preprocessors.
- Ability to write semantic HTML5 markup with appropriate aria attribution.
- Strong core Javascript skills with experience building React applications or specific React components.
- Professional experience with React and the React ecosystem.
- Strong understanding of the mechanisms of CSS, its features, and cross-browser/platform support.
- Knowledgable in progressive enhancement methods for building accessible and performant UIs.
- Knowledgable in the key components of a modern Progressive Web App.
- Good understanding of SVG markup
- Ability to prioritise tasks and remain focused on solving the most immediate problems.
- Comfortable collaborating with Management, Sales, Engineering, and other colleagues.
- Ability to clearly explain core front-end concepts and concerns to colleagues.

This position comes with the possibility of shares in the company.
Stratumnites have the option to work from home from time to time.
We organise company social events and often have drinks and gouter on Fridays after work.
We offer a subsidised lunch scheme.
We pay 50% of your monthly metro pass.
We offer an excellent private health insurance through Alan.

How to Apply

All applicants please send CV and links or folio of any recent and relevant projects to [email protected]