Evolve Agency

Midweight Graphic Designer

Based: London
Level: Mid-Weight
Salary: £25,000 to £32,000
Contract: Full Time
Applications Close: 21 January 2019
Website: evolveagency.com
Twitter: @@evolveagency
Job Listing Added: 21 December 2018

Who we are

We are a brand creation agency that believes the most successful brands create unforgettable experiences in never seen before spaces.
We work primarily in the hospitality sector creating destination hotels, bars and restaurants. We are a small agency with a collaborative mindset, bringing the right people together for the needs of each job.
We are located in a open plan workspace in the Tea Building, Shoreditch.

What we’re after

We are looking for a talented middleweight graphic designer to create brand visual identities and to activate those identities with both beautiful design and innovative creative ideas.
We want someone that will challenge us, who has a love for all forms of design and will push the boundaries creatively on each project. We want someone who will give an alternative perspective to the other creatives in the agency. The person must deliver new ideas but also rationalise that creativity with coherent and logical reason and thought. Someone who will think differently but be able to tell the story as to why, stirring emotions, inspiring and thought-provoking along the way. We want someone who is confident in their beliefs but humble in the way they collaborate.
Although we are looking for someone to work on brand activation, our agency actively promotes learning and collaboration so there will be multiple opportunities for future career development and progression.


We are looking for only the most creative person so we accept that they may not have experience of working in a branding agency. That being said, we would like someone with experience with the brand world. Someone who knows the difference between brand strategy and brand identity and understands that a brand is only as good as the experience it is delivering.

The day to day

Their main responsibility will be the creation (and helping to create) the visual identity of the brands we create and activating the brand in the most innovative and engaging way.
We also have regular brainstorming sessions and collaborative review sessions, so they will be expected to contribute in those meetings to add value to the entire project.


- No egos. We want open, honest, optimistic and collaborative.
- Cutting edge knowledge of print and production techniques.
- Immaculate attention to detail and love of the craft of design.
- Knowledge and love of design for digital format.
- Relentless passion for design, brands, consumer trends and creative movements.
- Extensive knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite.
- Motion graphics skills would be a positive.
- Ability to create video content would also be beneficial.
- A passion outside of branding.

How to Apply

Please send your CV & sample portfolio to [email protected]