New Collective

Designer/creative collaborator

Based: London
Level: Director, Senior, Mid-Weight
Salary: Undisclosed
Contract: Full Time, Part Time, Freelance
Applications Close: 19 March 2019
Job Listing Added: 18 February 2019

I have been running my own graphic design practice for a few years and am now looking for other designers/creatives to work with collaboratively and potentially form a collective to work on projects together, share ideas and support each other.

The plan will be to continue to run our individual practices but also have the ability to collaborate on projects with each other when the opportunities arise. We will have the potential to join and share skills, knowledge, resources & networks to increase our collective offering and enable us to produce exciting work.

I believe that a key element to this collective will be having an affordable space where we can physically work together, although this would be totally flexible as we all like to work at elsewhere sometimes!

I also believe that this way of working will provide the best of both worlds. We would all get to reap the benefits of working together, by complementing and influencing each other and, even if we’re not working on a project together, we will always have somebody to bounce ideas off and look at our work from a different perspective.

I currently work with clients in the arts, cultural and charity sectors but am interested in meeting designers/creatives with a variety of clients, interests and ideas.

I am interested in initially setting this up with 1–2 other people and the sort of person/people I am looking for believes that collaboration produces better work and also enjoys the process of working with other people. They will have their own clients that they will continue working with, but also be interested in collaborating on projects with existing clients in our networks, as well as pitching for new jobs and clients together. They will also be interested in taking on a space together to work from.

How to Apply

If all of this sounds like something you might be interested in drop me a mail at [email protected] then I can send you more info and we can have a chat about it.