On Road

Cultural Programmer

Based: London
Level: Senior, Mid-Weight
Salary: Undisclosed
Contract: Full Time
Applications Close: 01 April 2019
Website: onro.ad
Twitter: @Mr
Job Listing Added: 13 March 2019

Who we are
ON ROAD is a strategic research agency that uses immersive insight and creative storytelling to protect, inform and inspire organisations to think differently about how they engage their customers. Leaning on a global network of connectors, creatives and the insatiably curious, the agency uses its unique access to culture and community to carry out candid research in the real world. ON ROAD’s raw, immersive methodology uncovers actionable truths through relationship building, critical exchanges, the relentless collation of cultural collateral and a truly creative approach to ethnographic research.

We aim to create zero degrees of separation between brands and our audience. Key within this are the people who connect us to people and culture in the city – the wider London community of young people that ON ROAD have established. As part of our commitment, we want to find the best possible ways to service these individuals, help them progress and find opportunities to do more creative or innovative projects. This is where the community programmer has a role to play... We are seeking an enterprising, connected individual to help serve our network of young people here in London.

As Community Programmer, you will play a pivotal role in shaping a youth orientated learning resource for body and mind built to facilitate, support and benefit the city. You will be responsible for curating, procuring, developing and executing regular events with local partners that ultimately form a perpetual programme for the site in Shoreditch. You will need to work cross-departmentally with key business stakeholders, project managers, site managers, and partners to ensure impactful, quality, and consistent event executions for the brand and the young Londoners we support.

Your job will be to assemble an inspiring monthly schedule of events that drive attendance in a multi-purpose hangout space with social seating, workshop tables and a curated library by serving our network of Londoners and creating an environment that serves youth culture in the city. We need you to create a sports and cultural programme that enables young Londoners to work, learn and experience moments that will empower them to create meaningful connections with their peers and extended communities. We need someone who is culturally curious, open minded with broad interests, creatively ambitious, community-driven and keen to build genuine relationships and goodwill with exciting individuals and sporting/cultural communities. We need someone who is highly organized, who can be both creative as well as operationally minded.

At ON ROAD, we are naturally curious, inquisitive and agile thinkers who are always working towards bringing the companies closer to their audience. We seek team players and collaborators at every level. We’re people who listen to others’ opinions and are open-minded enough to reconsider our own. If you think this is you then please apply for the job, and if you feel like you don’t tick all the boxes but bring something else to the table then please still apply!

Duties & responsibilities
• Engage in the larger sporting and creative community in London by attending networking events in youth-focused organisations.
• Identify and establish relationships with key sporting and cultural partners to schedule future events.
• Ideate and develop a monthly event series plan, coordinate the required logistics for each event, oversee execution, and coordinate with project team.
• Liaise directly with local partners and their representatives as required in the lead up to events.
• Work with project manager and business stakeholders to plan, develop and execute key brand moments in the space to create relevance in the city.
• Develop relationships with key stakeholders and proactively gather information on their needs to help them achieve their goals.
• Ensure a cohesive community and manage expectations of extended network by encouraging participation and invitation of monthly brand events.
• Assess key learnings and apply successful models to future events.
• Provide technical feedback and end of month report to business stakeholders.
• Create a timely strategic programme in line with key sporting and cultural moments in London.
• Seek opportunities to engage and elevate key stakeholders and the extended community through events that can be supported in the space.
• Collaboratively establish best working practices of the space.
• Participate in weekly meetings between the project manager and business stakeholders.

Experience & requirements
• Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
• Open-minded with the ability to learn and acquire new ways of working.
• Strong (minimum 4 years) relevant experience in events planning, projects, team coordination and budget management.
• Thorough understanding of event and project management, possess strong people skills, and have the ability to find creative, effective and unique solutions for project execution.
• Knowledge of a wide variety of culture scenes (music, dance, art, design…), on a regional, national & global level.
• Creative mind with a track record of putting new ideas into practice and delivering results.
• A natural connector with the ability to identify opportunities through working with young people.
• Confidence and experience to be a key point of contact on project both internally and externally.
• Proactive approach in building relationships with young people as well as clients.
• Demonstrate integrity, dependability, responsibility, accountability, self-awareness, work ethic, and empathy.
• Passion and understanding for entrepreneurial communities.
• Experience in building and supporting creative and sporting communities.
• Culturally astute and aware of the industry around them.
• Must have previous experience in a client facing role and be comfortable working with creatives.

How to Apply

Potential applicants must send their CV and covering letter to [email protected] ON ROAD is committed to employing a diverse workforce. Qualified applicants will receive consideration without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or disability.