Junior Copywriter

Based: London
Level: Junior
Salary: £24,000 to £25,000
Contract: Full Time
Applications Close: 18 April 2019
Website: onwards.agency
Twitter: @onwardsagency
Job Listing Added: 29 March 2019

We’re looking for a Junior Copywriter. Someone amazing with words, full of ideas, and excited about creating standout brands for the businesses of tomorrow.

The role

First things first, ‘Copywriter’ doesn’t really cover it.
Yes, you’ll come up with sharp/hilarious/thoughtful writing for a huge range of clients.
Yes, you’ll support our strategists and creatives with all their day-to-day copy needs. But you’ll get involved with strategy too, supporting with the research and insights that shape great brands.
You’ll help create identities, defining personalities and tones of voices that help businesses cut through.
And you’ll come up with amazing, imaginative, holy-shit-I-wish-I’d-thought-of-that ideas that help our clients outrun the competition.

Who we’re looking for

– We’re a small team with a startup mentality. This is a role for someone who thinks in the same way: ambitious, energetic and almost unnervingly proactive.
– You’ll be a brilliant writer – imaginative; smart; able to express complex concepts in simple, elegant ways; a master of the pun; a chameleonic ability to assume different tones.
– But you’ll also be an original creative thinker. You’ll be as excited about coming up with killer advertising headlines as a PR stunt that will get a client noticed or a social campaign that will get us noticed as an agency.
– And you’ll be fascinated by branding, communications, and the role great writing and marketing plays in a company’s success. You’ll seek out knowledge, keep up-to-date with new ideas, and be up for the challenge of learning about how to create world-leading brands.
– You’ll be driven and entrepreneurial, and you’ll love the idea of working in a small creative agency – somewhere everyone is listened to, where both people and clients are ambitious, and there’s nothing stopping you doing work that has a real impact.
– You’ll be super proactive. If you have a spare hour here or there, you’ll come up with ideas for clients or find ways to improve things internally – you won’t need to be asked once, let alone twice.
– You’ll be curious and interested – at work and in general.
– And you’ll be kind, fun, and ego-free, up for mucking in and helping with whatever’s needed to get things done. Like us you’ll care deeply about the work you do, but never take yourself too seriously.

Skills & experience
– Maybe you’re doing a placement at an advertising/branding/marketing agency and are looking for your first full-time job.
– Maybe you already have a job that you quite like but have an inkling it’s not The One and you’re looking for a role you love.
– Perhaps you’re working as a different kind of writer - in journalism, PR, or another editorial role.
– You’ll probably have a degree in a subject that taught you to be analytical, think creatively and write brilliantly. But it’s not a pre-requisite.
– Either way, you’re obsessed with great branding and writing, you love working with creative people and you want to do the kind of work people actually talk about IRL.

About us
We’re a fast-growing brand agency based in East London. We work with scaling startups, helping founders and their teams build the brands of tomorrow.
Current projects include building a game-changing D2C fashion brand, helping launch a global men’s wellness brand, rebranding the UK’s leading fitness marketplace, and helping a cutting edge healthcare app take its product to the masses. There’s loads going on. And every single project is interesting, creative, and backed by smart, ambitious clients. It’s the only way we want to work.
We’re as obsessed with making our culture great as we are with the work we’re doing. We give people freedom and flexibility, and expect people to work smart and think for themselves in return. And we don’t have a B team – everyone here is a valued, talented part of the agency.

The money bit
We’re offering around £25k (depending on experience).

How to Apply

Send your CV, a cover letter explaining why we should hire you, and a couple of examples of your best writing/ideas to [email protected]
If you don’t have any previous work to send in, no worries – just write something you think would impress us. Deadline: Midnight, Tuesday 16th April
A bit of homework: w/c 22nd April
Interviews: w/c 29th April
Target start date: May/early June 2019