Studio Moross

Project Manager

Based: London
Level: Mid-Weight
Salary: Undisclosed
Contract: Full Time
Applications Close: 15 April 2019
Job Listing Added: 02 April 2019

Full Time Project Manager

Full time
10am-6pm Monday to Friday
Salary: Dependent upon experience
Location: Stockwell, South London

Free lunch
Paid Overtime
Bonus Scheme
15% Commission on new business
Pension Scheme

Studio Moross is a 10+ person design studio based in Stockwell South London. We work predominantly in music, TV, and live, with a strong focus on branding and art direction. Our open and fair office culture is an imperative part of the fabric that makes up Studio Moross. At the office you can often find young talent working as part of the team, who are nurtured through internships, work experience and mentorship programs. We use a non-hierarchical approach to project assignments, and support people in creating a job role that works for them and meets their interests and aspirations.

We are looking for a full time Project Manager to join the team, prior to now this has been a part time position. At Studio Moross established projects are managed by the design lead with the support of the project manager, Studio Manager and Kate Moross (KM). This is working for us but we hope to broaden this role with the start of a full time staff member so they can take over more of the responsibilities.

We have some existing project management tools in place but we’d also like someone who can design/implement their own if they see a need for improvement. We are open and flexible to new ways of working.

You will work as part of a team and complete the important role of supporting the team in their administrative tasks. You will also be an essential support to KM in their staff and client responsibilities.

We hope to find someone with 2-3 years experience in the creative industry, either as a creative producer/project manager/account manager. An understanding of moving image and design projects will be very useful.
You should take pride and satisfaction from the administrative aspect of your work and feel comfortable managing large and small scale projects at the same time. Our clients are not demanding or particularly corporate so the role will not require such a specific focus in this area. It may suit you if you are looking to leave a more competitive/intense role in an agency for something with more camaraderie and a shared responsibility.

Job Role

Responding to new business enquiries
Attending meetings with KM and the team
Quoting on new jobs and negotiating costs with the client
Generating & reviewing project paperwork
Managing invoices and expenses
Managing team resources and ensuring projects are completed on time and on budget
Communication and management of third parties and freelancers
Point of contact for client
Manage the communication and meeting with clients
Collecting feedback and helping manage responses
An eye on the company budget and forecasts
Helping the accounts team with invoicing and collating info for payment
Setting up internal team meetings

Additional Roles

Assist in interviewing and scheduling our interns and work experience positions(This was a role our current PM manages but if this is something you are unsure about this can be discussed).

We hope to find someone who has experience in creative project management and working with clients and stakeholders. You will have the opportunity to contribute to the creative process but your responsibilities will be primarily management and resource focussed.

The majority of our project management is controlled through the online application Streamtime. Our finances are controlled through Xero. We have a great accounts team - so this will not overlap into your job description - but an overview of the finances will be relevant to your role. An existing knowledge of project management software is desirable. You will also be required to work in Google Sheets and make calculations using spreadsheets.

You will be working closely with our small but powerful team. We work quickly and often manage multiple projects at once so you will need to multitask and run projects simultaneously.

About Us

The well-being of our staff is just as important to us as the work we produce. We recognise that the creative industry is notorious for being a stressful environment with long, unsociable hours - often resulting in an unhealthy office culture. So we implement shorter more efficient working days, leading to increased productivity and an all-around happier team. Any work outside of the 8 hour day is paid as overtime, in addition to the base salary.

Studio Moross is devoted to acknowledging and implementing diversity within the company. Director, Kate Moross uses their platform to speak and write in the aims of, in Kate’s case, uplifting the voices of non-binary and LGBTQI+ people in the creative industry. Studio Moross makes a conscious effort to address imbalances within the creative world by challenging all forms of oppression. Understanding higher systematic forces at play and hiring accordingly is crucial to their core values.


The ground floor of Studio Moross has a single step up to the restrooms and office, there are access ramps that can be used if required. Unfortunately, we do not have an accessible restroom. All our restrooms are gender neutral and we provide free sanitary products.

We communicate the limitations of our premises access through our website to anyone that may need to refer to it before visiting

How to Apply

If you think this could be you or you have any questions please contact [email protected] Please include your CV and a written statement which demonstrates your interest and tells more about who you are. Closing date: 30 days from post