Creative Lead

Job Added: 24 April 2019
Applications Close: 24 May 2019
Level: Senior
Contract: Full Time
Based: London
Salary: Undisclosed


We’re on a mission to help all young people in the UK lead a more positive life.

1. Grow our network in size and quality
2. Make youth culture that creates change
3. Partner with change-making clients

What can only you do at Livity to help make us the best we can be?
As Creative Lead you are responsible for leading and driving all of Livity’s creative work, for
brands and for our own brand and media channels. Your ideas and your craft are our biggest
asset in building our reputation in youth culture, making us famous with clients, and
attracting more and better talent to join us on our mission.

What will you be accountable for day-to-day in your role?
● Taking briefs from clients and strategists internally at Livity: influencing the creation
of the brief, and interrogating the limits of it to understand the creative potential
within it.
● Delivering original and groundbreaking, culturally relevant concepts that serve young
people in some way (entertainment/enablement).
● Creating and crafting creative ideas in at least one of: copywriting, art direction
and/or design.
● Understanding how budget, time, formats and other constraints might pragmatically
affect delivery of projects, or necessitate different solutions for creative ideas.
● Building and working constructively in cross-disciplinary teams (made up of
strategists, account management, other members of the creative team, and
potentially young people) to deliver projects effectively and efficiently.
● Leading the creation and delivery of compelling creative presentations for clients and
internal Livity team members.
● Understanding and navigating production processes to ensure that the best possible
version of a concept is realised.
● Working with the Account Management team and the Creative Partnerships Manager
to manage schedules and workloads to ensure that all projects are delivered
efficiently and on deadline.
● Working with the Creative Partnerships Manager to build our network of creative
partners, both established and emerging, for a range of creative and production
● Working with the Creative Director to develop the quality of Livity’s overall creative
product for brand partners, and to lay the foundations for a bigger brand in youth
culture through our media channels.
● Making a positive contribution to Livity’s ‘one team’ culture and helping to build our
shared belief that Livity is an exciting, progressive and ambitious place to work.
● Where possible, mentoring and supporting young people with a relevant fit to your
personality, experience and/or role.
● Where appropriate, building longer term relationships with brand clients and other
partners for the financial and reputational benefit of Livity.

What impact will your role and accountabilities have on our business objectives and vision?
● Livity makes work that creates positive change for young people.
● Our creative work pushes us all to new career experiences, and breaks new ground in
culture: never just making advertising.
● Livity accelerates its reputation in youth culture, and builds fame beyond our clients.
● Young people have a consistently positive experience of working with Livity.

● Highly creative
● Motivated, ambitious and actively looking for opportunities to break new ground
● Constructively challenging for the good of the work, and the business as a whole
● Open to other points of view, collaborative and communicative
● Able to empathise with others in different roles, with different priorities or pressures
● Positive and able to inspire higher standards in others
● Belief in Livity and our mission

How to apply

Please send your cv to Paulina - [email protected]