Storytellers & Content Creators

Job Added: 20 May 2019
Applications Close: 19 June 2019
Level: Director, Senior, Mid-Weight, Junior, Intern
Contract: Freelance
Based: London
Salary: Undisclosed

This is a unique opportunity to impact every reader, cinema lover and dreamer. Join us on the mission to make it easier for Storytellrs to sell their adventures.

We believe that the entertainment and publishing industry should provide more opportunities for exposure. Our solution is for Storytellrs to get their content produced, published and distributed to the mass market. That’s why we created a platform where Storytellrs can be accessible and amplified to the right people. Everyone should have the opportunity to sell their intellectual property!

We are a young and innovative startup company solving a diversity in stories problem. By offering a platform that cultivates Storytellrs and connects them to millions we believe we will change the status quo.

Our team is our most valuable asset; that’s why we’re seeking Storytellers and Content Creators. We’re expanding quickly, so now it’s time for us to get the right people while the platform is continuously growing! That’s where you come in.

You’ll be eager to test and assess what we’re doing well (and making it even better!), develop your content with mentorship and bring ideas to develop, test, iterate and roll out. You will need to be ready to share your short synopsis, build your portfolio and connect with the people who want to invest in your story. Your adventures matter here!

What you’ll do…

Create a profile by answering a series of questions
Upload your synopsis
Connect with industry professionals
Build an idea from scratch
Be a brand ambassador and encourage other Storytellrs to take part in the community-led initiatives
Share opportunities for personal development
What’s in it for you…

Your intellectual property is registered and protected with every exchange on the platform by a qualified team of solicitors for free
Residual payment terms are part of every exchange on Storytellrs platform
The opportunity to choose the right people to publish, produce or distribute your work
Competitive salary and benefits
Unlimited holidays and furry friends are welcome
Please only submit content on our registered platform and do not attach your work to any application sent. CVs are welcome!

How to apply

Please fill out an application that should take 5 mins via the link below:

If you do provide a CV to [email protected] you will be automatically added to the Storytellrs newsletter campaign.