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Creative Lead

Job Added: 09 July 2019
Applications Close: 16 August 2019
Level: Senior, Mid-Weight
Contract: Full Time
Based: London
Salary: Undisclosed
Website: lovers.co
Twitter: @oh_lovers

Become a guiding creative star at Lovers

About the opportunity

We’re ready to welcome a kind, ambitious, design-minded collaborator into our full-time studio team, to help shape the next chapter at Lovers. You’ll be supported to develop as the creative leader you want to become, developing head-turning, smile-raising outcomes across diverse projects with clients like Greenpeace, Google, English National Ballet and the Museum of Sex. You’ll also help find our next clients.

Lovers is a new creative model driven by collective creative power. Entrepreneurial and collaborative, this role is about mastering the art of tactfully enlisting designers, copywriters, strategists, researchers, photographers, illustrators, filmmakers, animators and others from the Lovers group. Handpicking and guiding project-specific teams, your job is to instruct and steward their talents in tune with project vision, to create ambitious, useful, emotive and memorable creative work we all believe in.

This is a really unique invitation for a visionary ‘people person’ who wants to grow their collaborative powers, connections and creative leadership skills, far beyond past experience. You’ll be shown the inner workings and methodology of our model and business, asked also to help propel it bravely forwards. As your leadership muscles strengthen, you’ll become a key Lovers representative and creative role model amongst peers, inspiring the seasoned collaborators and coaching the less experienced.

Between creative projects for clients, you’ll also help curate extracurricular initiatives, including our play space, Pillow Talk, Lovers get-togethers, and experimental clothing label DreamJams. You’ll actively recruit new members into the group as well. Above all, you’ll learn how to collaborate fairly and effectively. Something remarkably few creative companies are focused on properly teaching.

The role in detail

The work we make at Lovers is all about helping brands express themselves with great thought and effort, across a range of outcomes. Our output is ultimately about identity, message and feeling, with a twin emphasis on great ideas and great craft. We only help organisations we want to see thrive.

You’ll join our small, passionate central team, sharing responsibility for leading and orchestrating the wider Lovers collective. As creative lead it’s your job to figure out what creative solutions we will develop for our projects, working collaboratively to realise them, supported by your fellow leaders in the Lovers studio.

Our varied projects will immerse you in diverse and fascinating subjects. So far we’ve delved into theatre, art, dance, sex, death, film, food, education, music, child protection and environmental justice. This is always changing and growing, and you’ll actively help identify and win our next round of projects too. Our work is multidisciplinary, so you may find yourself co-creating brand identity systems, tone of voice, campaigns, adverts, printed books, digital tools, spatial elements like signage and way finding, and more.

Many ideas will start with you, but you’ll constantly be dreaming about which comrades you want to enlist to help develop and execute projects with you. You’ll have the support of our experienced creative director and creative producers — friendly, nurturing people who want you to succeed. You’ll have direct contact with clients and responsibility for helping clients feel super-confident in you, Lovers, and the work we’re delivering.

Here’s a list of specific things you’ll need to perform well in this role:

— Positive, Idealistic outlook. We use this every single day.
— Determination. We work hard, then go home usually on time.
— Perceptiveness. Noticing things, more keenly than most.
— Foresight. Thinking ahead to help projects run smoothly.
— Interrogating briefs. Digesting and unpacking challenges.
— Scoping projects. Forming ideas about how you want projects to run.
— Imaginative thinking. Having ideas that are relevant and exciting.
— Identifying collaborators. Figuring out who to bring on board.
— Brilliant briefing. Instructing your colleagues clearly and fairly.
— Bringing the best out of people. That’s key to creative leadership.
— Building proposals. Designing and writing killer presentations.
— Making friends. Constantly, with clients, with collaborators.
— Communicating. Speaking and writing warmly and clearly.
— Professionalism. Being on point, on time, on budget.
— Pro-active Instinct. We’re often inventing and improvising.
— Cultural awareness. We’re sensitive to the world around us.
— Design & Art Direction fluency. Your native tongue, including Adobe.
— Strategic interest. Strategy is something that interests you.
— Presenting skills. Responsibly presenting and explaining work.

Here are some strands of experience you’ll need to draw and build upon:

— Developing compelling brand identities and communications. Essential experience.
— Briefing collaborators. You’ve instructed and involved people in your work before.
— Thinking for yourself. You’re got some confidence as a self-starter.
— Guiding work to greatness. You can usually spot what a piece of work needs next.
— Multidisciplinary working. You’ve at least dipped your toe beyond a single discipline.
— Developing concepts. You know how to shape an idea, from hazy to clear.
— Pitching ideas. You know how to present ideas in a clear, compelling way.
— Navigating feedback. You can listen carefully, negotiating the best path forwards.
— Commissioning assets. For example; photography, illustrations, sound, film.
— Running personal projects. You make time to follow persona creative passions.

About you

We’ve deliberately written this job description to make sure it’s not asking you to ‘be’ any particular type of person, so if you feel you could do the job (or learn to do it) then please consider applying, whoever you are. Lovers is a place for all talented creative people, regardless of background. Here are some traits you might recognise in yourself:

What really gets you out of bed in the morning is a natural excitement to get on with the creative project(s) you’re working on, so you can progress them to specialness. Mixing playful, lateral thinking with high design standards, you care deeply about design, typography, how things look, sound, feel. You also care about words, colours, images. You’re a sensitive noticer of all kinds of details in fact, and how things come across. Character. Identity. Message.

Rather than try to do everything yourself, you’re excited to involve others in your projects and you like making new friends. You’re a thoughtful person that puts effort into collaborating fairly and intelligently with those around you, something you want to get better and better at. People like working with you. You love to learn and grow. You enjoy trying to achieve new things, breaking new ground.

With a background in design / art direction you’re ready to open up your working approach to become increasingly collaborative and multidisciplinary, realising ideas with other great people. You want to be somewhere you can be supported to achieve amazing results for amazing clients. You’d also love to help a great company grow, learning how to help a creative business blossom. You’re ready to be challenged, and grow into a true creative leader.

About Lovers

We’re a rising generation of designers and creatives who want to work on projects that feel good, for organisations we respect. We want our industry to do less harm to the people in it and to the world around it, so we’re on a mission to build a new and different creative supergroup model and methodology geared towards making thoughtful, effortful creative work that feels great. This model combines a small central team with a diverse and inspiring collective of individuals with an array of talents, interests and personalities.

So far we’ve rebranded Alexandra Palace, the Royal Court theatre, Green Man Festival and other culture shapers. We’ve made award-winning animations for the NSPCC and video art for the V&A as well as films for Google. We’re developing a new tone of voice for Tate. We’ve created video art for a show at the V&A. We’ve designed international Greenpeace campaigns. We’ve grown our collective from a handful to a few dozen brilliant people spread across London and New York.

Our work is what happens when super-talented, motivated people work together on projects they care about. There’s not really an aesthetic style at Lovers, but there is a consistent ‘energy’ to the work. It’s hard to define but we think it’s something to do with ingredients like playful creative thinking, deep belief in creative processes, a reluctance to be dull, an appetite to engage people’s emotions and use words in interesting ways, and a loving care and attention towards craft details, with the occasional theatrical touch. We want you to add to this Lovers ‘way’, evolving and defining it with us.

How to apply

Only direct applications will be considered, strictly no agents thank you. Please send your CV, portfolio (PDF or URL), a short note introducing yourself and salary expectations to [email protected] - we’ll be looking for evidence of exceptionally thoughtful, effortful creative work in your portfolio, that you’ve been directly involved in making happen.