Social Media Manager

Job Added: 16 July 2019
Applications Close: 25 December 2019
Level: Mid-Weight
Contract: Full Time
Based: London
Salary: Undisclosed

Job Title: Social Media Manager

Level: Mid-weight

Line Manager: Head of Content & Editorial

Salary range: Competitive


Dynamic, creative and entrepreneurial this person will work in to our Head of Brand Content as part of their core team that will establish the new VASHI voice and bring it to millennials and Gen Z as the number one bespoke jewellery brand. Working with HoC and Brand Strategy they will use their creativity and initiative to develop from scratch a new social media strategy in order to better service our customers and their engagement across all platforms. With their aesthetic design eye they should be confident creating and driving desirability within fine jewellery and fashion. Highly versatile and organised, the role is working within a fast moving industry with advances happening every day. This person needs to be hungry and excited to stay on top of these changes and how they might provide new opportunities for the business. It is strategic, technical and requires a self-motivated mindset. But ultimately the priority is ensuring their friendly, energetic and balanced character means fast and informative communication with our consumers. Understanding, nurturing and using social media as both a marketing tool to build brand and sales tool to drive growth is hugely necessary. Keeping in touch with our network of persons of influence will be as important as feeding insights from communications with our customers through to relevant teammates - whether in brand, sales or production.


The opportunity to be part of building both the VASHI brand and the VASHI culture from the ground up is an extraordinary one and with it comes great responsibility. The foundations of a unique business model are well established and there is nothing to stop us from creating something iconic both privately and publicly. Our product is fine jewellery but our world is art, design, fashion, culture, ethics, value. Skills and experience are important but even more so is a hunger to be part of the journey and to input into the collective whole. In building this culture, passion trumps talent and talent trumps experience - finding the right people with the right attitude, the right character and a desire to cut the BS, work hard, be nice and fight for each other will be the difference between success and failure.

Job Description:

  • Social media strategy – proven experience in channel planning, scheduling platforms and a process for improving performance on an ongoing basis including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, Youtube, Mailchimp for approval by Head of Content and Brand Strategy. Must be constantly up to speed with advances in social media technology and how these may inform or optimise strategy.
  • Socially responsive and consistent – join conversations and interact daily. Excellent work and customer care ethos (putting consumer first at all times with empathy). Handle any customer queries through social and feed any insights into Brand Team to inspire / inform initiatives. Must be detail-oriented, deadline driven, and able to multi-task with solid organisational and time-management skills.
  • Copywriting and content – exceptional writing style and creative flair exemplified through proven track record of implementing successful and innovative marketing campaigns. Bring our ToV to life for our consumer bearing in mind our product price point. Motivated to concept topics for approval by Head of Content.
  • Research & analyse – highly analytical, able to conduct detailed audience analysis. A proactive approach to using social media as a research tool. Must have a good interest and knowledge of popular culture, fashion, arts, creative trends, news, interesting industry people, innovations, conversations within the industry as well as the world’s best jewellery designers. Having connections would be a bonus. Quick to use or relevantly inform full Brand Team with topical findings that can be capitalised by creating innovative social content.
  • Measurement – gather and curate results of social media campaigns, providing evaluation and analytics for future campaigns but also looking beyond the numbers at the bigger picture.
  • Growth – knowledge of paid social, A/B testing and growth hacking for the purpose of relevantly growing the community across channels. Ability to brief in and oversee external agencies to support on paid for.
  • Content aesthetics – working in to the Head of Brand Image you will know what looks good for the brand and what doesn’t. You’ll love mood boarding and follow relevant Instagram accounts. Providing edited photographic content for social media, the blog and website. A keen photographic eye for shoot from the hip capture and editing customer experience videos (basic social media capture skills) - a bonus is operational knowledge of a digital SLR.
  • External relationships - building strong relationships with external partners and people of influence ensuring the VASHI name and reputation is held in good esteem.
  • Internal relationships - a team player able to work with a broad range and level of people with clear and open communication ensuring all are informed or have given approval where necessary.

How to apply

Please send your CV, a little intro about yourself and what excites you about this role to [email protected]